When Sam turned 5, he was soooo into Buzz Lightyear and had to have a Buzz Lightyear/Space party!  It was before Toy Story 3 was coming out so the stores weren’t exploding with Toy Story stuff.  In fact, I couldn’t find a single thing, but that’s okay because I like to stay away from character parties anyway.  

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Sam’s 5th Birthday Party…

I picked up the party pictures from our party photographer, Marjorie Williams today! She did a great job capturing the details of Sam’s Space Party. He really wanted a Buzz Lightyear party and I wanted to avoid a character party, so we did a blend of rockets and space with some Buzz/Toy Story details. We were both happy with the end result… he loved his party and I loved being able to get creative without being “cartoony.” Here are some of the party details…

I made rocket ships for centerpieces from Pringles containers {which were the party favors for the older siblings!} The adorable stickers are from maxandbella on etsy.

I chose blue and green space themed scrapbooking paper to use throughout the party for water bottles, signs for the food, game station signs, and more. The little rocket tags were so adorable and affordable, from jackandizzy on etsy.

I loved the look of these hanging inflatable planets I bought from Oriental Trading. They looked awesome hanging above the dining room table {and now hang in the boys’ new rocket room}!

On the menu we had Pizza Planet {from Toy Story}, Rings of Saturn salad, space sticks {carrot sticks with ranch dip}, crunchy comets {Cheeto Puffs}, intergalactic grapes, lunar lemonade, and martian marshmallows.

The cupcakes were triple chocolate with chocolate buttercream and vanilla almond with white buttercream, all topped with a little green alien {from Toy Story}.

Sam had his own little rocket cake with candles coming out the back like fire on a real rocket. I had envisioned a standing rocket made from stacked ding dongs wrapped in fondant, but the new fondant recipe I tried was a mess so this was plan 2, but Sam thought it was perfect!

And everyone had fun trying out the astronaut ice cream!

One of the activities was “Put Space Ranger Sam on the Rocket”- I made the rocket from poster board and card stock,and used a cute paper punch with a picture of Sam in his Buzz Lightyear costume. The kids loved this game and so do I because it’s easy, fun, and makes a great decoration at the party too!

Another activity was this Rocket Bean Bag toss game, which turned into juggling and other games, but that’s okay… it was a bright decoration and the kids had fun making up their own games with the beanbags!

Sam LOVES art projects, so we had an art station full of markers, crayons, foam stickers, stencils and stamps for the kids to create their own solar system art.

Party favors for the kids were these venti Starbucks cups transformed into rockets! They held glow in the dark sticks, pop rocks, a little rocket toy, and some Toy Story gummies. The babies took home a container of baby puff crackers, also transformed into rockets. The best part about all of these favors is that they were all used as party decorations and centerpieces during the party, then given to the guests the end!

And there were rocket sugar cookies for all the party guests too.

Sam had a great time celebrating his fifth birthday with his closest friends and family {while wearing this cool shirt I bought from jonahbonah on etsy} and he’s already busy planning his sixth birthday party. Happy 5th Birthday to my Sweet Sam!

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