Countdown to Summer!

Oh yeah, it’s ON! 

29 days to go…

Yesterday the boys were talking about summer and swimming all day every day at “the pool house” {which is the house we’re moving to and no, we won’t really be in the pool THAT much… I hope}.  But we’re sooooo excited for summer vacation.  

Me= ready to not drive back and forth to the school multiple times every day {and get us all dressed and ready for a 3 minute drop-off}.  

The boys= they just want to swim and hang out with Shamu every day {two separate activities of course!} 

Luke= poor baby just wants to have a WHOLE uninterrupted nap in his cozy crib.

Daddy= excited to move so he’s not driving 150 miles every day.  Yeah, we’ve got quite a chunk of change going towards gas these days.  Ugh!

So we made a paper countdown chain, just like we used to make when we were kids.  You know, not like these days because you’ve gotta write the standard you’re teaching to on the board and where in the world does that fit in?  Whoa!!  Former teacher just came out for a minute there… back to the countdown.

It’s hanging pretty on the wall right next to “Command Central.”  When Sam started Kindergarten this year and Jake started preschool, it quickly became clear that we needed a “system” so I came up with this…

I cut the letters for the boys’ names with vinyl on the Cricut and used Command hooks.  I loooove those things because they are pretty, re-usable, and I don’t have to beg the hubs to get out the drill.  Plus, now that we’re moving I can just pull them off the wall and re-hang them at the “pool house!”  And now we always know just where their backpacks and school papers are.

Oh, and if you’re {trying to} keep track of when we’re moving… our move date has been moved all over the place.  For the crazy planner in me, it’s been a bit of madness 🙂  The new {and it better not change again} plan is that our boys will be finishing out the school year here!!! 

But speaking of school, do you think it would be okay if I send their snacks to school like this when they’re in high school?  Because I looooove writing silly love notes on their school snacks 🙂

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