It’s Back to School time. And the weirdest Back to School time ever, right? Did you ever imagine when those school doors closed back in mid-March that we would be where we are today?

After the Spring it was obvious that we needed a central hub for all of their books, supplies, technology, and important papers. Here’s what I’ve come up with for our family. 

I wanted everyone to have spots for their own stuff so each boy has a basket for their binders, books, headphones and technology. 

And each kid also has a hanging file. The baskets and hanging files are all from Michaels Back to School section. The hanging files are mostly where I will put important papers that can’t afford to be lost in their baskets. 

One of our kids is starting 3rd grade so he will be mastering (hopefully!) his multiplication facts. I printed this multiplication banner for him and strung it with twine on the window. 

Another one of our boys is going into 4th grade and will be learning all about California history. We are super excited to study the Gold Rush period and to learn more about our California missions. 

And because I’m trying to get them excited and encourage them to love this space as much as I do, I filled a section of our rolling cart with snacks and drinks. My boys are always taking my Arbonne Fizz sticks (yum!) so I even added some of those to the cart. 

I added new pillows and blankets to make it like a cozy coffee house. 

And here’s the whole cart. The kids will charge their technology on the bottom shelf every night so that it’s fully charged and ready to go every morning. Right? That will happen, right? 

I also have some little lap desks from Michaels that the kids can use to do their work wherever they choose, as long as they’re getting their work done. And the cute little picnic table in the middle of the room is from IKEA. 

And of course I added a little inspirational sign with plants, because that’s my thing. 

And I got a pretty new planner from Amazon to hopefully keep us all organized. 

What’s your plan for the school year? I would love for you to leave a comment and let me know what your schools are doing during this time. 

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