As seen on Pinterest: Smurf Cupcakes!

If you follow Gallamore West on Facebook, then you probably already know that we are combining my son’s birthday with an early Thanksgiving celebration this Sunday because his birthday is tomorrow {we’re going to Legoland!} and he is having his tonsils removed on Monday.  And Thanksgiving is the best meal of the year, so none of us want to miss out on that!  

And since he loves The Smurfs, it’s a

“Happy Smurfsgiving” celebration all weekend long here!

We kicked off the celebration with these silly Smurf cupcakes that we brought to his class at recess to celebrate his birthday.  I got the idea here via Pinterest {here are my boards… I’m a crazy pinning Mama!}

They were a hit, although one cute little girl said she wished hers was a Smurfette.  Super cute idea… why didn’t I think of that?!  The funniest part though was when Sam told me last night that one of the cupcakes looked like Grouchy Smurf and he knew which girl was going to get Grouchy.  Sure enough when he handed them out this morning he looked for Grouchy and handed it to her with a smile!

Here’s a peek of what’s to come this weekend…

Hope you have a great weekend!  

I’ll be posting more pictures of our 

“Smurftastic” celebration soon!

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